Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Have you just moved into a new apartment and you would love to transform the interior? Well, this article would aid you with the interior decoration without much stress and resources. Below are ten clever interior design tips that would help you to transform your apartment.

1. Paint smaller rooms in softer, and lighter colors to help make the room feel larger.

If the sitting room or common room is small, all you need to do to make it seem bigger is to change its paints. Use mild but brightly colored paints for the walls, replace your windows to bigger ones and place voluminous mirrors at strategic corners. These mirrors throw back light emanating from the windows and doors and also produces a visually deceptive image of making the room look bigger than it is. On the contrary, if you apply gloomy colors on the walls, despite the numerous mirrors and huge windows, the room would look small.

2. Use decorative mirrors to add instant light to your living space.

From the first clue, we are now aware that mirrors can make a small room look big. Place your mirrors opposite the windows in a more spacious room or rooms that have restricted inflow of natural light. Fancy mirrors can be used in place of decorative artworks to adorn the walls. Whether the room is enormous or minute, mirrors make your rooms to look more prominent and adequately illuminated.

3. Mix it up. Mix up patterns and textures. Mix up old and new, expensive and inexpensive. 

You can put family antiques besides your state-of-the-art upholstered furniture. The essential aspect of beautifying your home is that it expresses your charisma and sense of taste. The old Chippendale table that belonged to your grandfather depicts something. It represents your earlier life. That state-of-the-art upholstered furniture you adore so much also describes something, your current sense of taste. Hence the past and present can magnificently exist together. This is also applicable to your artworks. You can put an artwork by Salvador Dali alongside a Monet. Your tapestry, furniture, and pillows can be of different patterns and colors. They add warmth and texture to the sitting room.

4. Slip into something a little more comfortable!

Slipcover is a fitted protective or decorative cover that may be slipped off and on a piece of upholstered furniture. Slipcovers are usually made of cloths. You can use them to change the appearance of your furniture to depict the different seasons. They also give you that elegant appearance without you having to bother about dirt or spillage on your furniture. Slipcovers are perfect for children’s rooms. White slipcovers give your room a spontaneous, cozy, posh but straightforward style.

5. Wicker baskets

Straw-woven baskets are affordable, and a tasteful means adding depository to your room. You can place your toys, magazines, towels, books, blankets, etc in a basket. Put some elegantly woven baskets with vegetables and fruits spread out in them on your kitchen shelves.

6. Use what you already have to decorate.

There is certain stuff that you have stuffed away in boxes, why not go through those boxes again. You might find some decorations you can use to decorate your home instead of going to the shop now and then. You can arrange your platters, silver, tinted coverings, metals, etc. on your suitcase shelf, chests, tea carts and tables for more pattern and space.  You can place your candles on them; arrange your books on the shelves. You can also use your plates to design a splendid artwork on the wall by hanging your plates on the walls. You can cut out beautiful pictures from children’s books and add a decorative border to the photos and hand them in children’s rooms and their bathrooms. You would be perplexed at what you can do with that stuff you packed away.

7. Add a hanging pot holder to your kitchen.

Your kitchen should be beautiful and captivating. Almost all our foods are prepared in the kitchen; food is dished out in the kitchen; we practically spend most of our time in the kitchen. You can hang your pots on the walls using a hanging pot rack. It adds style to the kitchen. A hanging pot rack also makes you have this feeling that your kitchen is regularly used. A hanging pot rack does not only make your kitchen look elegant, but they also create more room in your kitchen cabinet for storage. They are also available in different sizes and designs.