The kitchen is a very important part of the house because it is a special part of the house that can’t be ignored easily due to the important activities that goes on there daily. For this reason it may not seem too proper not to take adequate care of the kitchen.

Making the kitchen beautiful and attractive has become major trend everywhere around the world as many people have even considered starting with the kitchen when they intend to refresh their homes with beautiful designs and decorations.

Below are the best kitchen design trends that many people are using in their homes to make their kitchen a sight to behold. From the choice of cabinet to the style of arrangement, here are kitchen design tips you will love.

Use one color for everything

Using the same color for everything in the kitchen has become a major trend in adding more beauty to a modern kitchen. You should use a bold color and one that cannot be easily predicted to give it a very unique look.

You can go for an all-violet color for everything in the kitchen. Violet stands for royalty, class and elegance. When you use an ultra violet color, it shows that you have a great taste. It also gives you a feeling of luxury.

Use good color combination for cabinetry

Your ability to combine the right colors will make a perfect cabinetry. You can make use of the green and blue colors mixed with other colors that can complement wood stains. You should know that modern kitchens are now taking on ocean-inspired shades.

Mix colors for finishes

It is no longer ideal to use only one color for different items and finishes in the kitchen. It has become a popular trend to use multiple colors for different items in the kitchen. Good designs usually involve mixing and matching of different colors to give a unique look.

When your kitchen is painted grey, you can use a creamy off-white color for the base wall and a dark brown color for the upper cabinets.

Combine rustic and modern styles

Rustic and modern styles include the use of modern stainless steel for sinks, silver travertine off clean rustic finishes and also solid brass culinary faucet. The use of natural stones in a honed finish is also beautiful. This gives the kitchen a beautiful outlook so that the kitchen will look more than where food is just cooked.

Wood Counters

The use of wood for counters creates the old-world charm to enhance the outlook of the kitchen. It is also now a popular trend for homeowners to use wood kitchen counters because they are less utilitarian aesthetic and it also adds warmth to the kitchen.

Use High-Contrast Marble

One of the latest kitchen design trends is the use of dramatic marble with high contrast veining for countertops which will definitely give your kitchen a new and more beautiful look. It will also be a great idea when you do something like a waterfall down the sides of the island toadd more intensity to the drama.


With these ideas above, you see that a modern kitchen is not just a part of the house where just food is cooked but something more than that. We have listed the best kitchen design trends which you can use to beautiful your kitchen.