10 Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Bedroom

The bedroom is one important part of the house and a personal gateway through which you can express yourself by having your own personal collections and using your favorite colors. It is therefore very important to give it the best design you can because your rooms speak much volume about your personality.

Here are some tips and ideas you can use when decorating your bedroom to give it the beautiful look you want.

Use Subtle Color

Consider using gentle and restful colors instead of using bold primary colors. Colors like lavender, green, and blue are considered to be serene and calm. You can also use any of your favorite colors to decorate your bedroom but ensure that you use a toned-down version of the color. For instance, instead of using eggplant, you can choose mauve.

Using rich jewel-toned hues like topaz, toasty brown or deep pomegranate will help set the room for a mood of coziness and comfort.

Choose the Furniture with the Right Size

You should choose furniture that would fit the room well. Start out with a floor plan to measure where each piece of furniture can be kept. You should choose the appropriate furniture that will fit the size of the room.

For a small bedroom, don’t choose a large bed. You can use a large bedroom that fits if the bedroom is a big one. You can also add a chair and other accessories to beautify the room. Ensure that the furniture and accessories do not make the bedroom look overcrowded.

Add a private Nook

You can create a private corner in your room where you can have a quiet time or sit and read your favorite novels. You should also consider building a window seat under the bedroom window in your room. This will afford you the opportunity to enjoy the night view outside.

Keep the Bedroom as simple as possible

Your bedroom should be as simple as possible but it should be classy, elegant, and stylish regardless of the type of decoration you intend to use. You should furnish your bedroom with only the necessary items you need.

Only use as much furniture when you have the space for it. Keep the accessories simple. Choose a few beautiful artworks with some family photos and flowers to add more beauty to the bedroom. A chair or two is also not a bad idea but try to make sure that there is space between the bed and sidewalk side to ease movement in the room.

Cover the Windows

To add more color, design, patterns, and texture to your bedroom, use a beautiful window cover that will help frame the window. You can use opaque roller blinds to maintain privacy at night when you pull them down and also to prevent early morning light.

Include Several Lighting Options

Good lighting helps to beautify the room. Small lamps light can be used for reading while an accent light helps to give the room soft illumination. Each light should have its own on/off switch so that you always select the parts of the room you wish to have light.


Your bedroom should be a place for comfort where you can use to relax, rest, read, sleep, and get refreshed. Try as much as possible to create a bedroom which defines your personality. Ensure that the design and decoration is something you like.